Nutrition coaching

Mediterranean Diet coaching

Veronique Eichler is a professional Nutrition Coach who specializes in nutritional therapy and dietary education based on the Mediterranean Diet principles. She is committed to forming relationships with patients looking to lose or manage their weight, deal with chronic diseases, and much more. Veronique Eichler is here to improve her clients' quality of life, so get in touch to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle.


Weight loss and overall health

It has been scientific demonstrated for decades that the Mediterranean Diet offers one of the healthiest eating patterns in the world. It has been proven to:

✦ Aid Your Weight Loss and Management Efforts

✦ Lower Risk of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure 
✦ Protect From Diabetes

✦ Prevent Asthma
✦ Fight Certain Cancers
✦ Prevent Chronic Diseases
✦ Keep Depression Away
✦ Safeguard from Alzheimer’s Disease

✦ Ward off Parkinson’s Disease


Personalized coaching

The coaching process is entirely centered around YOU.

With my support, you will self-determine your vision for a healthier you, your long term goals and the action steps needed to reach them. We will brainstorm together but the choices will be yours. You will actively engage in trying new behaviors as planned.

This is not about learning what to eat or not to eat but about behavior modifications that can have long term effects. You will learn to track your own behaviors, problem solve them and observe the impact of your actions, good or bad.

As your coach, I will actively listen, support, and help you mobilize your own strengths. Together we will set your priorities and areas we need to focus on. We will set short term SMART goals you are comfortable with (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) and a stepwise approach. One or two changes a week versus radical change. We will discuss the potential challenges and how to navigate them.

My goal is not to be a task master and whip you into shape but to help you make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes you can maintain.

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