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Founded in Texas by Véronique and Peter Eichler, Rochelac® is a licensed importer and wholesaler of premium alcoholic beverages whose mission is to bring highly drinkable French gems to the American consumer.

Rochelac offers a selective portfolio of the highest quality products to its distributors and maintains a reputation of unparalleled customer service. Our business is about people, from the producer to the distributor to the consumer.


and Quality-Driven.

Growing up in France, Véronique is intimately familiar with the landscape of the French market. Over the years—and a few world tours later—Peter has fermented a passion for fine wines and spirits. Together they are blending their business experience and personal skills into this exciting venture.


The cornerstone of their success is built from strong relationships with family-owned producers who love and respect their terroir, take pride in a know-how passed down from generation to generation and are passionate about their work.

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